This tutorial will demonstrate how to create custom Command and Tactical images to be used as background maps in the SimTacCity™ software.
It is expected the user has a basic knowledge of digital images and manipulation.
Licensing and use of any imagery is the responsibility of the user.

If using Goggle Maps™ or Goggle Earth™ imagery open the application full screen. Toggle street names, borders or other visuals on or off to meet your needs.

Use the ‘Print Screen’ key to capture the screen to the clipboard.

Alternately you may utilize your own high-resolution imagery.

The Print Screen Key

Open Microsoft Paint™ or other image editing application to create a canvas size of 1920 X 1200 pixels.

‘Paste’ the image into the application. Use the move and scale tools to fit the image to the entire canvas.

Use the application’s ‘Save’ option to save the image as a .JPG file with a meaningful name into a folder where you store your images.

To save your custom map after depicting a scenario simply use the ‘Save’ button on the custom map toolbar, give your file a meaningful name and save it to any location.

To load a custom map use the Command or Tactical ‘Load’ buttons on the tool bar to navigate to and load your saved map. It will show as a ‘Custom’ map.

Command map shown